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"Anyone can join from anywhere. Suesan is an amazing instructor. You can workout from the safe space of your own home. It’s been a lifesaver these last 8 months. Doesn’t look like we will be in a gym environment any time soon. Try it, you will be glad you did.😀"    - Kim W. 11/2020

As a charter member, I have been doing Tone-Up for over 21 years. Most of the classes are taught by owner Suesan Pawlitski. Her women's fitness program is the best work out I have ever done and I especially enjoy the group fitness classes. Classes start with a ballet based barre warm up and offer strength and weight training for a total body workout.

An added bonus....I've met some wonderful women that have become lifelong friends.

--Janet R.

I’m in my 16th year at ToneUp. I was working out at another "gym" in Santa Barbara 5 days a week for about 2 hours each session. I kept hearing about ToneUp Santa Barbara and finally I tried it. After that first workout, I heard from muscles I didn't even know I had!

I like the intimate women-only environment. It allows each woman to achieve her goals. As weird as it sounds, Tone-Up has changed my life. I'm fitter, more confident and I'm working out with some of the most amazing women I've ever met. And, I'm lucky to count some of them as close friends.

I've been to all types of work-outs and I can say this is the best! The variety of exercise, which changes constantly, is the most invigorating I've had and I notice the difference! Body by Tone-Up!

--Kathy D.

Best fitness program in Santa Barbara!! I have been going to Tone-up for 17 years and I still love it and look forward to the great whole body workout and the fun atmosphere. I have gone to various gyms and fitness courses in Santa Barbara for my entire adult life and there is nothing to compare with Suesan's classes....and my body agrees! I would highly recommend Tone-up to anyone!


26 years at Tone-Up. No one can last that long at any gym, no matter how friendly the atmosphere is, no matter how congenial the members, no matter how reasonable the rates, no matter how motivated one can be, UNLESS it works!

And... it does...

I started almost by accident, as I was looking for some type of aerobic exercise, back in 1994.... But then, after a few classes and some soreness, I knew I had stumbled upon something good; really good. I could have stopped after a year or so, after all her program worked and I (and others) could tell I looked great, right? Anyone who comes and watches us in group fitness class wonders at how good we all look!

But then, I had also learned that whatever I was doing at Tone Up was GOOD FOR ME... It was not just a matter of looking good, it was a matter of feeling better and stronger... and I never could give that up :)

The program creator, Suesan Pawlitski, makes the workout very enjoyable, with a variety of exercises that address all levels of fitness. Seventeen years, and I haven't tired of it! Thanks to Suesan. She has managed to keep me motivated over the years, so that I could reach my optimal level of fitness and wellbeing.

No other gym has ever done that for me.

My best investment ever.

--Muriel S.

"Right before class I was walking my dog and I stopped and lightly leaned against this post and it wasn't secure. I tumbled backwards and landed on my right hand and jolted my shoulder! My first thought was if iI havent' been doing Tone-UP I could have gotten very injured!"  - Robyn J. 11/2020

Tone up is my favorite place to start my day !!! I have been working out most of my life. I was getting bored with my own personal workout of 25 + years. Since starting with Suesan at Tone Up I am so happy with my new muscle tone, and energy. I love her insight and direction throughout my hour long workout. Suesan works with you individually in getting to know you and your body. A wonderful age range of women with all sorts going on with our ever changing bodies. Great tunes, Great new friends, excellent personal instruction, and a beautiful studio. I recommend Tone up to anyone looking for a wonderful women's gym with a great vibe and great results after only a few months.

-- Karen Fox age 52


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